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Domestic Distribution Service

(1 to 5 pallets, from/to anywhere in Spain)

As a member of the PALLETWAYS network, we offer an innovative palleting service that is efficient, economical and especially designed for distribution of small shipments of palletized cargo, 1 to 5 pallets with 24/48h deliveries. The advantages of a service exclusively devoted to pallet transport are many:

  • Simplicity of fees, applied to the format of the pallet – height and weight – to be transported.
  • Flexibility in pallet formats: Full pallet, half pallet and quarter pallet stand out as the most demanded.
  • Competitive prices
  • Daily collection of all your shipments.
  • Real-time follow-up through the Internet.
  • Tracking of shipments in real time through the website “Portal Palletways” and the possibility of seeing your delivery note scanned in the very moment delivery takes place. 

    Direct Domestic Service

    From small haulages comprising 1 or 2 pallets or half loads to full loads, all shipments are picked up in the Community of Madrid on a daily basis and delivered within 24 hours in any location of the Spanish mainland. If you wish, we get in touch with the receivers in order to adapt ourselves to their timetable and coordinate with them regarding any specificity that each delivery may have.

    The goods travel directly from our customers’ warehouse to their final destination, thus minimizing potential incidences and avoiding the possibility of loss.

    In short, a fast and safe transport that our expert traffic team will pamper, to the point of personalizing each service. It is, without a doubt, our star service. A service in which we have been pioneers in the market.

    As with local transport, this service includes transport of hazardous cargo governed by the ADR convention.

    Domestic Industrial Taxi Service

    Immediate and dedicated delivery with any type of vehicle. From a van to a trailer.