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TRANSPORTES MACAR is a wholly family-owned business run nowadays by its third generation. In 1980 the business became a Limited Liability Corporation, although its activity had been already developed under other forms of business company since the 50s. Located in the province of Murcia, namely in the city of Cartagena, it operated as a local and regional transport company, and also collaborated as a distributor of some of the most important national transport companies of the time.

It was not until the sixties, that it was decided to apply for an AT (national transport authorization) and, after its concession, to open a branch in Madrid. During the following years, the company strengthened its position in the provinces of Murcia and Almería, and expanded its facilities in Madrid, which became the headquarters. 

In 1980, TRANSPORTES MACAR became a Public Limited Company. Since then, and over the following years, the company has developed a wide variety of transport services, accumulated experience and, gained a strong reputation in the market. Among the company’s clients stand out companies from most of the country’s industrial sectors and highly relevant firms in the business context of the time.

During the late 90s, in response to market needs, we concentrated our efforts and resources on the field of transport of half loads and full loads both at local and national levels. At the time this was a novel direct service, door to door, without intermediate loading and unloading interventions and with agreed delivery on date and time. It was so successful in the market that many other transport companies rushed to reproduce it to include it in their service offer. This service, which is currently in a phase of full modernization, continues to be one of the most demanded by our clients.

In October 2008 we joined the PALLETWAYS network, thus expanding our service portfolio with an innovative express distribution concept for palletized cargo, both domestically and internationally, with the best demand-adjusted delivery times and with the most advanced computer technology so that the client is aware at all times of the traceability of his merchandise.

Since 2010 we offer our clients a comprehensive logistics service, giving them the possibility of storing their goods in our warehouses and preparing their orders.

Our name was born from the initials of the original route MADRID-CARTAGENA. A name that today makes us proudly remember we are the inheritors of the service vocation and, above all, of the dedication and sacrifice of a family of true transport craftsmen.

Currently, our headquarters and operations base is located in Alcalá de Henares, a municipality of Madrid, only a few metres away from motorway N-II/E-90. We rely on modern logistics facilities ready for cargo storage, both in shelves for standard palletized cargo and on the ground for bulky goods unsuitable for on-shelf storage.

The premises are also equipped with hydraulic docks and access ramps for a quick cargo load/unload operation. Both the way it has been set up, including a large beach area and the means for cargo handling we possess give us a large capacity for all kinds of logistics operations.

We have distinguished ourselves in something during all this time, and without any doubt, that has been in the personalized treatment we offer to our clients. Throughout our long business history, we have proved that we know how to adapt to your demands and, above all, to your needs. We are certain that this is one of the unequivocal causes that have made possible such a long stay in a complex and ever-changing market like the road freight transport market and, of course, the force that continues to drive our sustained business growth today.

This is therefore our company’s most important asset, together with the contribution, experience and professional quality of any and all of our employees; all of them transport and logistics professionals, from drivers to warehouse staff, as well as administrative staff, traffic department, sales force and managers. All of them under permanent training and who are aware they are part of a team and put every day their effort and efficiency to our customers’ disposal, offering their best response at all times to the logistics challenges posed by clients.

Furthermore, our fleet is perfectly adapted for both the distribution within the Community of Madrid and for the direct half-load and full-load national transport. It comprises all kinds of vehicles including vans and delivery trucks, two-axle and three-axle trucks, all of them equipped with raising platform for self-unloading, as well as articulated vehicles formed by a traction unit and a trailer (trailer trucks). Drivers are in permanent communication with our headquarters, and their routes tracked through GPS locators, thus making their movements flexible and streamlining their capacity.